Our green policy

We believe we are responsible for the environment, and so we want to play our part
n a sustainable future. Our intention is to minimise the environmental impact of the
cottage, and encourage those who visit John Fisher's to do the same.


Electrical equipment

Our policy is slowly to replace the existing electrical goods with 'A' rated goods, though this can only be done when equipment malfunctions or obviusly worn. We have made a start with a new fridge/freezer and a new cooker.

All our bulbs are energy efficient. We are looking at whether LED lighting is an option.

Environmentally friendly products

Providing ecofriendly materials
We now provide all material for clothes washing, dishwasher tablets and toilet cleaner as well as household cleaning material. Bleach is banned!

A lot of material for recycling can be put in the blue wheelie bin particularly cans, bottles, tins, cardboard, paper and plastic bottles.  Note garden and kitchen waste cannot be put in the blue bins.

We provide a separate box for bottles. These are not collected, but there are recycling points at Shiel Bridge (behind the shop) and in the main Kyle car park. Please take the bottles there. There are also textile and shoe collection points at these places.

We have a hazard box for batteries and other electrical materials which should not be put in the ordinary bin (eg certain types of bulbs).  This is in the cupboard under the stairs.  A larger hazard box for products which are too large to be put under the stairs can be found in the cycle shed. Used batteries can be deposited at the Coop and Chemist in Kyle.

Locally sourced food
Wherever possible we recommended buying locally produced food. This is not always easy in the Highlands, but the butcher in Kyle sells locally produce meat, the Coop has some locally produced fresh vegetables, and many of the smaller shops have some local seasonal foods.

We always buy Fairtrade goods - the Coop in Kyle is usually good, and we complain to the management when key produce is not fairtraded.

Local public transport in the area is virtually non-existent, and the local bus service to and from Inverness (3 per day) and to and from Glasgow (twice a day) are not much use for holilday makers who want flexibility to move around.

Cycling round Loch Duich is relatively easy (mostly flat), but the A87 to Kyle is a fast main road not always helpful to cyclists.

But there are plenty of good walks from the cottage or nearby; it is not necessary to drive in order to enjoy a walk.

Trains can be used for some trips - eg to Attadale House gardens and a day out in Inverness or Dingwall. But we have to be realistic, this is about all, and not everyone wants to go to Attadale, Inverness or Dingwall!

Footnote - water
We do not have a policy on minimising the use of water because our water comes from the burn opposite the cottage. We are the llast people to draw out the water, and all waste water goes through the septic tanks to the ground. So no one is affected by how much water we use.


Our Aims for the next year include: